Uptown Billiards Club's Wednesday 8-Ball League

          5pm: Happy Hour & Free practice

        7pm: leAgue matches begin!

September 19th - No League

September 26th - tie breaker: Chris R vs. Mish's team

October 3rd - Semifinals

october 10th - finals

                       Contact Jackie at (530) 864-1800 or JackieKarol@gmail.com,  if you do not see your name on this list and want to sign up!

With 10 teams:

$1,000 total cash awards plus prizes!*

1st Place wins $700 cash

2nd Place Wins $300 cash

3rd Place Wins $150 total credit for the Pro Shop for pool cues, cases, etc.

4th place gets $25 vouchers for next season

Even if your team is not doing well as a whole, there are other incentives to keep playing!:)      

TROPHY BRACKET - TEAMS 5-10 play in a trophy bracket, where 1st through 3rd place get trophies!        

INDIVIDUAL CASH PRIZES for all ranks!                 

C Rank Top finisher Wins $25 CASH                

B Rank Top finisher Wins $25 CASH                 

A Rank Top finisher Wins $25 CASH

AA Rank Top finisher Wins $25 CASH

*Payouts based on full participation.

Three players play per night.   

You can have more people on your team, if you would like to alternate out some nights.

Matches begin at 7pm and go till about 10pm. 

Each team will play a different team each week.  Everyone plays all other people on the other team 1 game each.  Everyone plays 3 games per night.  

$25 one time fee & $10 per week that you play. 

     This covers:

- Free practice beginning at 5pm     

- Free weekly pool lesson 6-7pm taught by National Champion & Professional Instructor, Jackie Karol  www.AngelOfBilliards.com.        

- Specials on pool products and more...      

Win cash, prizes & trophies!  BCA rules with modifications for handicapping.  Sessions are approximately 3-4months depending on how many teams. 

ALL teams play in the finals!:)  

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